Dyno 50 - FDA cleared 4-in-1 smart measuring device

Dyno50 pairs with mobile app DynoLife to offer a unique solution for telemedicine and RemotePatient Monitoring (RPM) for both doctors and patients.

4 vital signs are transformed into 30+ vital signs with proprietary DynoAI.

Get 4 vital signs easy, instantly and accurately 

Collect 4 basic vital signs by simply place  thermometer tip under tongue and close mouth.

Oral Temperature


(ECG Single- lead)

Blood Pressure


30+ vital signs will be generated after receiving 4 basic vital signs. Doctor uses those data to diagnoses. You will no longer struggling on describing the symptoms.

Health Data speaks for you

Dyno AI  storages all the data safely and securely. You can always access the data through DynoLife app from your tablet or smartphone.


You do not need to record the data, Dyno AI will do

DynoLife have all your data recorded and stored securely.


Dynolife allows you to access many times you like and anywhere you prefer and it’s more than just keep the data. It can do more useful things than you think.

You can speak  to the doctor through Dynolife. When family members too busy at work and can not see the doctor with you, Dynolife allows  family members  join the call anywhere any time.

Video consultation with doctors

Furthermore, for doctors  can invite and  receive consultancy and advice from specialists overseas or in other local hospitals through the call ,especially when handling complicated cases.

Checking data trend, set health goal, indicate prescribe meds or consult with doctor by just click one button without flipping back and forth.

User friendly layout

Colour coded alerts you when vital sign is off normal

Colour indicators

Simply understanding the numbers by having the referencing chart.

Health Metrics

Dyno 50 additional features

Battery life last long. 

You do not have to worry it’s running out of battery all the time.

Lightweight and portable. You can bring it with you anywhere without limitations.

Easy to clean, rinse with water or wipe with alcohol pad before using.



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Dyno 50 Support

If you are a Dyno50 user in Hong Kong and are looking for technological support, please visit our help page.

If you are interested in a demo, please send us an email.