Dyno 50 - FDA cleared 4-in-1 smart measuring device

The unique solution to revolutionize telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM)

Dyno 50 by Dynosense is an FDA-cleared handheld with mobile app DynoLife that allows patients to capture medical-grade vital signals instantly, via tablet or smartphone.

This makes it easier than ever for patients and doctors to work toward improved health together.

4 vital signs are transformed into 30+ vital signs with proprietary DynoAI.

Remote Patient Monitoring that doesn’t waste your time and simple to set up.

Manage your patients health remotely with DynoCare

Dynocare presents data in a simple and intuitive format designed for healthcare professionals tracking and monitoring more effectively and efficiently.

An AI-enhanced HIPAA-compliant cloud database, to store and analyze the  uploaded medical-grade vital data.

Demonstrating patient’s 30+ medical-grade vital signals in 30-60 seconds after patient use Dyno50.

Scaled graphs and data interpretation with no data overload

Simply access via computers, laptops and tablets

Higher Quality of care for your patients

Being proactive and safeguarded  your patients

Automatically alert system listing urgent conditions patients with colour coded to show the urgency. This allows you stay proactive to track on any early sign of any serious diseases and bring patients’ awareness and start early treatments.

Understanding your patients’ health condition with simply access all the data, using time more efficiently

DynoCare provides the data in greater detail, with explanation of what each category means.

The data are in 6 categories: 1) ECG, 2) PPG, 3) Blood Pressure, 4)Respiration, 5) Oral, and 6) Others. 

You can simply view one summarized AI-enhanced report from DynoCare, instead of having to dig up scattered data from the many reports supplied by each device provider.

View the graph in different scales to pinpoint the issue


When your patients use Dyno50, you will have a track for patients’ health trend and get a clear graphs from the large scale to a single wave period. The graphs includes Electrocardiography(ECG), Photoplethysmography (PPG), and oral temperature. The graphs can be downloaded as a local PDF file.

Remove boundaries between doctor and patient

You can perform video consultation with patient at home with data side by side. Patient’s family member can also join the call from their own working place/home. This upgrading from the current video-only consultation practice. 

Furthermore, you can invite and  receive consultancy and advice from specialists overseas or in other local hospitals through the call ,especially when handling complicated cases.



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Dyno 50 Support

If you are a Dyno50 user in Hong Kong and are looking for technological support, please visit our help page.

If you are interested in a demo, please send us an email.