Dyno 50 - FDA cleared 4-in-1 smart measuring device

Dyno50 pairs with mobile app DynoLife to offer a unique solution for telemedicine and RemotePatient Monitoring (RPM) for both doctors and patients.

4 vital signs are transformed into 30+ vital signs with proprietary DynoAI.

Dyno 50 Quick Start Guide


A Dyno50

An instruction manual with two alcohol pads

A charger base with USB cable

Note: You may receive Dynocuff, depending on what your clinician has ordered.


Turn on Dyno50

open dyno 50.PNG

Remove the glass cover by gentle lifting the bottom while sliding out. 

A “buzzer” sound and/or a small vibration mean Dyno50 is ready to use

Download DynoLife App

Create account


Open  DynoLife app and follow the instructions to set up a DynoLife  account. As part of the account setup, you will be asked to take your first recording. Place the thermometer tip under tongue and close mouth for 30 seconds. Breath naturally through the nose. The device will vibrate to inform the capture is done and shows notification on your smartphone.

After the first recording. You have access to see your vital signs instantly, you will be able to record and view as many vital signs as you like.


Document with Pen

Dyno 50 Support

If you are a Dyno50 user in Hong Kong and are looking for technological support, please visit our help page.

If you are interested in a demo, please send us an email.