How does Dyno50 work?

Making remote patient monitoring

and virtual care possible

with the use of Dyno50's device and app

How Dyno50* works

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Measure your Vital Signs

Dyno50 replaces 4 medical devices and collects clinical-grade electrocardiography (ECG), photoplethysmography (PPG), blood pressure, and oral temperature data.

It's easy to use: simply hold it with your left hand and place the thermometer tip under the tongue,
or use your right hand to grip the tip.
The measurement takes less than a minute.

These 4 signs are then translated through an AI-enhanced algorithm to 33 clinical grade data.

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Dyno50 replacing 4 devices
Certifications of Dyno50
Certifications of Dyno50
Certifications of Dyno50
Certifications of Dyno50
Certifications of Dyno50

What data do you get from Dyno50?

Signals measured


Single lead ECG

Analyzed through AI algorithms

Blood oxygen level

Photoplethysmography (PPG)

Blood pressure

Blood pressure

Body Temperature

Oral temperature

30+ clinical grade interactive data

Heart rate
Heart rate variability
Atrial fibrillation
QRS complex
Sinus bradycardia
Hyperactive T wave

Pleth variability index
Pulse rate
Perfusion index

Systolic & diastolic BP
Mean arterial pressure
Diastolic time ratio
Pulse transit time

Basal temperature

And more...


Sync to Cloud

Once your data is recorded, Dyno50 sends them to the HIPAA-compliant secure DynoCloud via your smartphone. View your latest data on the DynoLife app.

Get the DynoLife app

DynoLife App


Discuss Results with your Physician

With DynoCare’s dynamic interface, doctors and patients can text message and video call one another anytime and anywhere, while closely resembling the clinical face-to-face consultation experience.

There can even be multiple doctors and family members on the same call, making collaboration as easy as the click of a button.



The DynoSense Vital Sign Measuring System is intended to record, transfer, store and display of single lead electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate (HR), functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), pulse rate (PR), respiration rate (RR), and oral body temperature (TEMP). The device comes in contact with the patient for approximately 60 seconds at each use. This system is for spot checking and does not have continuous monitoring capability or any alarm features.
This system is intended for patients 18 years and older in the home environment. It is intended for use with patients who are well perfused and during no motion condition. This system makes no specific diagnosis. The device is for single patient use. Users with implanted pacemakers and/or implanted cardio-defibrillators (ICDs) are not recommended to use the device.

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