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Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (3-6 Nov 2021)

Sharing the same vision of using technology to improve our daily lives, ATMC is honoured to collaborate with Vital Home Solutions Ltd (VHS), one of the leading service providers specialised in vital home care. 

In 3-6 November, 2021, VHS took part in the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES), the largest gerontechnology public education event in Hong Kong. Throughout those days, we approached people from different walks of life and shared the concept of telemedicine with the use of Dyno50.  

To know more about the partnership with VHS, please visit the website:第五屆樂齡科技博覽暨高峰會2021(樂齡科技博覽)/ 


Here is the introduction video of GIES featuring our product, Dyno50 ( ) at 2:42

from Gerontech & Innovation Expo cum Summit Facebook Page

More information about Dyno50 can be found on the GIES website .

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Explaining our product, Dyno50 and concept of telemedicine to Sophia Chan, the Secretary for the Food and Health Bureau and also the general public


The ReLive Project by Haven of Hope Christian Service
(Sep 2021)

In Sep 2021, ATMC was honoured to provide technical support to The ReLive Project by Haven of Hope Christian Service, which organized outdoor adventures (ReTravel) for people with physical disabilities (ReLive Warriors). ATMC’s solution offered a convenient health monitoring solution that provided confidence to ‘ReLive Warriors’ and their family members to embark on outdoor adventures. 


The Warriors used Dyno50 to measure their health before and during the trip.  Together with Occupational Therapists’ interventions, organizers and families could assess their vitals anytime, anywhere, and for in-time risk management, activity adjustment, and even emergency care. This project empowered the ReLive Warriors to manage health and travel confidently so as to promote their self-management skills. All parties gained more independence and confidence with vital data readily available; one step closer to traveling abroad.

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